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Through years of teaching, Alison Robin Thompson has created various resources to assist students in growing creatively.  Please feel free to use these videos and lessons in your own practice. 


Portfolio Building

Learn to create your own art portfolio. Watch for information and inspiration on portfolio building, and then navigate to the other resources, below, for more portfolio tips!

Additional Resources:  Website Portfolio Design

                                                 Sample Portfolio


Photographing 2D Artwork

Take more professional photos of your own work using basic cameras and laptops.


Additional Resource for Free Download:


3D Artwork

Play a game to test your eye and spot the differences in image quality, using these examples. 


Digital Pop Art Drawing...
in Word!

Yes! You can create fun digital drawings, even without a fancy drawing app. Do you have access to a more specialized program? Great! You can apply this as inspiration for your own creation.

Additional Resource:  Traditional Drawing on Paper


Additional Resource for Free Download: 

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