The formation of a personal pedagogy and the informing of an art-making practice.





Middle and high school students were instructed on the use of Final Cut Express for stop motion animation creation and editing 

High school students viewed the powerful and meaningful video of photographer Vincent Dixon's work with cancer patients. In response, students created their own clay vessels, with meaningful connections

Students  arranged and drew their own still life, displaying knowledge of balance, composition, and color theory

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Students explored identity, by creating foods with personal, cultural connections

Students rendered portraits while exploring mark making and personal style

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Students learned of Tibetan culture and portraiture through printmaking, with linoleum blocks

In exploring strategies for making more resources available to more people, students created large-scale sculptures, with a Pop Art twist. This investigation into Public Art culminated with the school-wide display of work. Sculpture students also learned about Claes Oldenburg, scaling, proportion, and form! 

Middle school students expressed an element of their identity through the design of an original emoji, while also learning of the use of symbolism and imagery in art history. They learned about color mixing, blending, highlights, and shadows with acrylic paint! 

High school students studied still life and observational drawing, by creating a series of abstractions. Students created custom mats for their final selection of work.

High school students studied observational drawing, composing their own still life and capturing light and value. 

Students explored the concept of accessibility, by creating slab-built forms with function. With the idea of the multiple in mind, students were inspired to create and relate a set of work.

Art club students helped in the creation of a mural representing the three schools at Collegium

Students created eco art from recycled and found objects

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By creating star-shaped books with minimalist and op art inspired design, students showed the connections between math and art

High school students explored personal story through paper-cut sculpture

In the unit, 'To Identity, and Beyond!' students created a linoleum block carving of an animal with whom they shared personality traits.

This printmaking lesson allowed students to explore the creation of value through line and markmaking!

Students explored their personal narrative through typography and fingerprints

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Students viewed and analyzed the Friends of Art Collection (professional Pittsburgh-area art) and created ceramic pieces in response

Students reflected on their impact on the natural world, in the creation of clay tiles

Whistle While You Work

Middle school students created functional whistles, inspired by the South American Ocarina and Chinese Xun. Students were able to tie in a culture reference of personal importance. 

These are all functional WHISTLES!! 

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Students improved their observational skills through blind contour drawings and using watercolor to paint the results; students looked only that the subject, never at the paper

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Students used pastel techniques to create work inspired by artist Georgia O'Keeffe

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High School students researched artists with similar personal cultures, and created books inspired by the findings of their research

Students responded to new knowledge of ecology by creating artist books from recycled boards and paper;  They printed with objects from nature to create beautiful cover designs

Students studied character design and created their own hollow-built clay works using pinch pots and slabs, while achieving a height of over 8 inches. Some students built solid, and learned hollowing techniques 

7th graders expressed an element of their identity through embossing, in a large, collaborative metal tooling piece. They discussed the difference between simulated and actual texture in the creation and planning of their designs, and learned techniques for making a relief using the medium.  

Inspired by 3D printing technology, 9th grade Ceramics students created coil vessels using traditional handbuilding techniques with stoneware.

9th grade Ceramics students used slab building techniques to create with this versatile form. Handles, feet, lids, and other components were added to the structures to demonstrate students' personal style. 

artistry in education

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