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The Learning Environment Game

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Game Description:

Explore the optimal learning environment for my art studio! In drastically altering the current layout of my classroom (pictured below), the space was digitally enhanced for 21st century learning.

In The Learning Environment Game, you will get a chance to pick a 21st century learning character, and explore the new school and art studio. On your adventure, you will have to use your knowledge as a 21st century learner to correctly respond to challenges. Of the many new features in this space, comfortable, diverse working environments for all of my different classes, additional natural lighting, highly visible clocks and timers, flexible seating, standing desks/tables, and more green space were central. Below, stills from the new learning environment capture the feel and look of the game, along with 2D and 3D floor plans created for this redesigned space.

Beyond the limitations hinted at during game play, the major obstacles in the actual creation of such a learning environment are centered on administrative policy and finances. The space is much larger than your typical art room. Yet, square footage is just the start of the monetary concerns in construction and upkeep of such a space. The actual construction costs of this type of art studio--even for just the plumbing and fixtures involved for installation of 6 separate sinks--is staggering. Having had a contractor from T3 Construction Services, LLC look over the floor plans from The Learning Environment Game, it was estimated that the outdoor classroom, alone, would cost $35,000. Even if the money were available, the workings of such a space would require a supportive administration and school policy which would promote greater time for project-based learning, outdoor work time, and support in the most simplest form: permission for food in the classroom.

Game Download:

The Learning Environment Game


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