The formation of a personal pedagogy and the informing of an art-making practice.

Community Engagement




Teachers have the power to reach far into their school and home community, by having exhibits of student work, diplaying work at local businesses and galleries, and more! Through this they can  positively impact their students, peers, and their environment!


Curating Shows & Displaying Student Work

I like to enter student work for display in local galleries, and display their work within the community whenever possible. Teaching and learning through the arts can be further encouraged through the public display of student work. In addition to facilitating the learning process, student artists can taken pride in their work and take their place within the community. Onlookers can also gain a greater appreciation for the arts and humanities.

Tech Education

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I am a firm believer in the STEAM philosophy. My own work as an artist has proven that Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math are all related. My own sculptural work would not be possible with out my background in technology education. This fact leads me to pursue further education into engineering technologies, like 3D printing, CAD, and more, while working with tech educators to bring classes together.

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artistry in education

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