Welcome to Artistry in Education, my professional website and portfolio as both an educator, and artist. To view my body of work, research, personal teaching pedagogy, written pieces, and resources I find helpful in my practice, please explore!




I have lived northwest of Philadelphia for for the majority of my life, just a short drive to one of the greatest art centers on the east coast!  

My interest in the arts began when I realized that play-doh could be used to sculpt accessories for my Barbie Dolls. Since that time, I've expanded my knowledge of art media to include working with clay, wood, metal, glass, collage, various paints, charcoal, pencil, ink, and more.  

Around the same time of my play-doh experiments, I found a love for design through our family computers. My father's access to technologies through his engineering profession made available programs to which I may otherwise have been ignorant. 

I am a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University, class of 2013, with a degree in Art Education and a minor in Political Science. I earned my M.Ed. from The University of the Arts in 2020. As an educator, I cannot begin to explain the joy that comes with the opportunity to teach and assist in the learning processes of teens and adult learners.

In keeping an active art making practice and working with youth, I feel that I am exactly where I am supposed to be, each and every day!  

artistry in education